What is Simulated Firearms Training?

Computer simulations make it possible to practice accurate marksmanship without needing a gun license, as well as avoiding the need to pay for ammunition like at a traditional gun range. The firearms we offer are used by police agencies and military units around the world because they are as close as possible you can get to real thing. Our state of the art systems ensure that the look, feel, and performance of our firearms will have you reloading, managing recoil, and operating the firearm’s mechanical features while being in no danger at all on the range.

Who can participate in simulated firearms training?

No gun licence in required to shoot any of our firearms. Anyone with an interest in shooting, improving their marksmanship, or learning what firearms are all about is welcome to participate! We do require that everyone that attends the academy has a clear and sober head, and have a genuine interest in using firearms safely and effectively. While many of our experiences have exciting and challenging scenarios, we do ask that the firearms be treated with respect as bad habits are hard to get rid of!

what is the age restriction for simulated firearms training?

We require that everyone be above 12 years old to shoot at the range, as per the Royal Canadian Mounted Police guidelines. Anyone that is under the age of 18 years old, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

how real is the simulated firearms training?

You are in no danger at all while on the simulated firearms range. The guns recoil at roughly 80% of the strength of a real firearm, and use a sophisticated system of lasers, accelerometers, and pressure sensors to make sure you feel like you’re firing the real deal. Our instructors will teach you to be proficient with all of your firearm’s functions before shooting starts, as all of the firearms behave identically to their military and police counterparts.

What is the payment and concession POLICY?

Customers will receive a full refund if requested within 3 days of purchase date.
Customers can reschedule their appointments up to 3 days before their service is scheduled to start.